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Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, rich peanut butter fluffernutter gobs (<– my favoritest cookies ever, btw), iced, lemony black & white cookies, don’t even get me started on cupcakes… they’re… well, they’re nice. And “interesting”. But they’re kind of like that extra fork at a fancy restaurant. What is this? What’s it for? Is this a cookie or a pancake? Why is there an Oreo inside my cookie? Why do you keep baking me things with marshmallows?

Real life.

You know what boys really like? Besides soft, flowery-scented hair and phone apps and Michael Bay movies?


Chocolate chip cookies. Snickerdoodles. Peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Rice Krispie treats. Brownies. Banana bread. Anything with M&Ms.

Simple. Classic. The kind of baked goods they’ve grown up with. Don’t fight it.

2. Side note? Those are my three most boy-requested cookies. Sometimes I rebel. My boyfriend asked for “those peanut butter oatmeal graham cracker thingies” and I made them with homemade brown sugar and bite-size Reese’s peanut butter cups.

And then I froze them. And ate them. And eventually got around to giving him one or two.

… I’m just a sparkling awesome girlfriend like that.

The point is… find a boy. Make him these cookies. Expect diamonds. Kisses. Flowers? At least a high-five.

3. Confession: I haven’t baked anything in a hundred years.

Okay, two weeks. Two & a half weeks. Since these chocolate cauldron cupcakes. I’ve made scrambled eggs. Can I post that? No? Well then… this just got awkward.

Real life is happening. I’ve been visiting my boyfriend, interviewing for a job, eating vanilla bean scones everyday for breakfast and wondering why my pants don’t fit. I’ve seen Harry Potter three times (four, by the time you’ve read this). I finally organized my baking things, scrubbed the frosting off my camera and put away my tripod for the first time in four months. Instead of baking and photo-ing and editing and posting, I’m finally reading Pioneer Woman’s book (do this.), catching up on Pretty Little Liars (what? Yeah, I said it.), and getting back into the groove of eating salads and strawberries for lunch instead of frappuccinos and frozen cupcakes.

In other words… I’ve been taking a bakecation. Baking was getting stressful & my pants were getting tighter & I just needed some time to, you know, lose twenty ten pounds, read a book, breathe, see Harry Potter four times, paint my toenails sparkly pink, and get back to that place where baking was fun… something I wanted to do, not something I “had” to do because I have nothing to post this week except scrambled eggs.

But I’m starting to dream about banana bread and brownies so I think it’s safe to say that my bakecation’s almost over.

Hope you’re all having a happy summer!

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